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TTSUU - Text to Speech Universal Utility

TTSUU (Text to Speech Universal Utility) allows you to listen to any text anywhere
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29 August 2011

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This is a text to speech converter that lets you listen to text material spoken in a natural style.

TTSUU (Text to Speech Universal Utility) is a Text to Speech software that converts any text into natural-sounding speech. It reads any text for you. You can also convert the text material into WAV or MP3 with this tool, so that the resulting MP3 can be played on many other devices such as iPods, PocketPCs and CD players etc. When playing the audio, these devices with the lyrics capability, will display the original text. It will be possible for you to not only hear the material but also get a look at the content through the display. The text formats that can be handled by the tool include MS Word Documents, Emails, Web Pages, PDF Files, etc.

The interface is very simple and intuitive. The frame surrounding the text display area may not be the best kind of graphics but focuses your attention to the display area anyway. The two pillars in the interface serve as the area where you can add sticky notes that highlight points in the text content. You can pick off interesting/ salient parts of the text and copy into these notes. These can be colored to draw your attention easily. Besides the pleasantly lazy thing to do, that of a book being read to you, you could use the tool for several other effective uses. When writing, this could be a very effective proof reading tool. You could create an audio book out of a content you own. You can slow it down to improve comprehension and to understand the pronunciation of words in the text. This is a tool that is nice to have around.

Publisher's description

What is TTSUU?
TTSUU (Text to Speech Universal Utility) is a Text to Speech software that converts any text into natural-sounding speech, it can read aloud any text for you. With TTSUU, you can convert any text into WAV or MP3 audio files and TTSUU can even generate lyrics for you when converting text into audio files, so, not only on your PC but also on your portable devices like iPods, PocketPCs and CD players etc., you can listen the text with Lyrics displaying. TTSUU also allows you to copy any interesting text into colorful text note from any format of electronic documents such as MS Word Documents, Emails, Web Pages, PDF Files and etc,.and dock them on the two columns of the main interface of TTSUU software.
What can TTSUU do for you?
1. Help students in learning & studies, TTSUU allows students to listen to their class notes, text books or any other chosen written material anytime, anywhere.
2. Facilitate education, TTSUU highlights each sentence as it is read. This helps those who have learning difficulties improve reading, comprehension, and spelling skills.
3. Avoids eyestrain and relax eyes, No longer strain your eyes trying to read too much tiny fonts in e-books, emails, web pages, etc. Just relax and have TTSUU read out loud or convert them to audio files.
4. Learn English or other languages, TTSUU allows you to slow down reading speed to learn the pronunciation. We provide multiple language voices: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Finish, Japanese, Chinese(Mandarin, HongKong, Taiwan), Korean, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, etc.
5. Make proofreading effective, hearing your own work in a natural sounding voice allows much more effective proofreading compared to visual proofreading.
6. Generate voice book/novel, Have no time to read your favorite book/novel? No problem! TTSUU can help you listen the book/novel and what you need to do is just spend several minutes to convert them into mp3 files.
TTSUU - Text to Speech Universal Utility
TTSUU - Text to Speech Universal Utility
Version 1.0
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wu lang
Amazing tts software with perfect function, I like it.
It`s a powerful and fantastic software that I have ever seen, thanks the author!
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